Garages that will work on vintage Vespa

The youngest of  our scooters is at least 35 years old. Unless you are the original and only owner who had all work done by a knowledgeable Vespa mechanic (this excludes most of you) then you don’t really know for sure what is entirely wrong with it.  You think its X, but when its opened up and examined they find Y & Z. And for liability reasons they are going to want to fix all of it (your grieving widow will claim the last pair of hands did all that crap work).

If you don’t do the work yourself, it is advisable to use a licensed mechanic to work on your scooter. The shops below have licensed mechanics and  are known to be knowledgeable with scooters.    Note, at this time no garage is working on Lambretta. They lack the tooling and knowledge.  In no particular order …

Alan Whealy is a licensed motorcycle mechanics with  a long and respected history working on Vespa. He has his own small workshop in the Dupont & Ossington area of downtown Toronto. He intends on servicing Lambretta in the future. He also works on vintage bikes, and as he is popular, he can have a backlog of several weeks for major work.  He is reachable at or mobile 416.452.5547


BSC MOTO Inc.  Owned by Marco Sepe. A member of the club and well known in the community. You can find his garage and motorcycle dealership at  24 Scarlett Road, M6N 4K1 Toronto.  (416) 876-2651.


Toronto West Vespa on Dundas St. W are good people, but do not service for vintage scooters. They do occasionally have them for sale (potentially certified).



… and yes these pictures are Lambretta, it is what was on my bench at the time.