My 1965 Lambretta TV175


Acquired in the autumn of 2019. I am the third owner and it has 5,800 original miles. It came from Alberta.  Over this winter I did a mechanical restoration on it, but left the cosmetics alone.  Work undertaken:

  • No longer had the original barrel and crank, so I replaced the crank with a brand new Tameni Li crank
  • The cylinder I replaced with an aluminum 175 cylinder and conversion piston from Scooter Restorations in the UK
  • BGM stator
  • AF Rayspeed mid weight flywheel
  • BGM chain guide
  • all new o-rings and seals throughout
  • The original bearings are high quality and still in great shape so I just thoroughly cleaned and resused
  • BGM silent blocks
  • I did not have a rebuild kit on hand for the carb so I replaced it entirely with the same sized SH20 carb from my Jet200, which only had 400 miles of use
  • New fork buffers
  • Replaced cable inners and outers where required
  • The headset had been snapped from a drop, replaced the bottom with a matching one from a Servetta
  • One of the case studs had snapped off. It had to be cut out so I the case professionally repaired
  • Kick stand frame stiffeners added
  • New ignition, light, and brake switches
  • I got rid of the restrictive air filter and replaced with a new rubber elbow and quality foam filter
  • It had 2 saddle seats which I hated so replaced with the correct Giuliari seat frame, however, the seat cover is a cheap replacement (until I can source better).
  • New regulator
  • Its now a 12V AC scooter with electronic ignition. It originally had a battery. I simplified the wiring  but left the old connectors there (covered) so it could be take back to a battery bike

I am still dialing in the jetting but it starts and drives well.




Here is a video of it running, you can hear the lovely sound of the stock exhaust and here it cleanly shift through the 4 gears. It tracks straight and the brakes work fine. Blue TV in my backlane

Mods & Rockers 2018

This was another good turn out and fun time.  Friday night started with the Rockers and then our lot ended up in a near by pub with a DJ spinning more to our liking.


Saturday started out at the RC Harris Water Plant in the east end of Toronto (one of my favourite buildings).



We then headed out:

To drive through Toronto east to west, and head over to Kensington Market for a pit stop at Wanda’s Pie In The Sky (a regular for us).


From there we drove through town to meet up with the greasy bikers.


and par for the course, things got silly

This was the last year of Mods and Rockers….

stay tuned in August 2019  for the 1st  Toronto Mods Mayday Rally.

Parts Sources

There are many, here are the main ones in no particular order. I have dealt with all of these and had positive experiences otherwise I would not list them. It’s always possible your experience may differ.


Alan Wheely in Toronto is an authorized SIP seller. If you are not in a rush, you can contact him and get in his next parts order. Link to him on our garage resources blog post. Alans Garage

Scooter Fix just outside Ottawa is a Lambretta specialist with a small amount of Vespa parts. The owner Corey keeps has a good supply of mostly stock parts on the shelf. He also puts in regular orders to several of the large parts suppliers if there is something you need that is not listed on his site. . In Toronto, I find Canada Post regular mail delivers in 1-2 days.

ScootArt in Montreal is a full service garage and scooter shop. Has both modern and vintage, Vespa and Lambretta. He has some parts on the shelf and puts regular orders into the large sources if you want to purchase through him. JF the owner, seems to like odd-ball other manufacturers, so you can always try him if you need parts or work done on your Heinkel, Zundapp, etc.


SIP Scooter Shop: Based in Germany, has both Vespa and Lambretta parts. Large and professional. If you order direct from them you can select an option for a few extra Euro’s where your order is packed and couriered in one day. My experience with this in Toronto is I have my parts in 5 business days.

Scooter Center The other big German outfit. Has both Vespa and Lambretta parts. Large and professional.
Scooter Restorations: Large Lambretta specialist in the UK.

Jet200: Lambretta specialist in the USA. Stocks a lot of performance parts. They also have the tooling to straighten damaged forks and frames – but beware their turn around time on this service can be slow. Has both Vespa and Lambretta parts. Lots of performance parts.

Scooter West: Carriers new and vintage Vespa parts in the USA.

Note, there is a long list of small international shops in USA, UK, Italy, and Germany that make exceptional parts or provide great service. Sooner than later I will add them.

Garages that will work on vintage Vespa

The youngest of  our scooters is at least 35 years old. Unless you are the original and only owner who had all work done by a knowledgeable Vespa mechanic (this excludes most of you) then you don’t really know for sure what is entirely wrong with it.  You think its X, but when its opened up and examined they find Y & Z. And for liability reasons they are going to want to fix all of it (your grieving widow will claim the last pair of hands did all that crap work).

If you don’t do the work yourself, it is advisable to use a licensed mechanic to work on your scooter. The shops below have licensed mechanics and  are known to be knowledgeable with scooters.    Note, at this time no garage is working on Lambretta. They lack the tooling and knowledge.  In no particular order …

Alan Whealy is a licensed motorcycle mechanics with  a long and respected history working on Vespa. He has his own small workshop in the Dupont & Ossington area of downtown Toronto. He intends on servicing Lambretta in the future. He also works on vintage bikes, and as he is popular, he can have a backlog of several weeks for major work.  He is reachable at or mobile 416.452.5547


BSC MOTO Inc.  Owned by Marco Sepe. A member of the club and well known in the community. You can find his garage and motorcycle dealership at  24 Scarlett Road, M6N 4K1 Toronto.  (416) 876-2651.


Toronto West Vespa on Dundas St. W are good people, but do not service for vintage scooters. They do occasionally have them for sale (potentially certified).



… and yes these pictures are Lambretta, it is what was on my bench at the time.

2016 Mods vs Mods

In August every year there is the Mods & Rockers event. The TVSC and Barking Mad SC participate in the events and we throw our own party along side of it. This is our main rally of the year.

Friday night everyone meets up, this time outside of Town Moto on Ossington. On the Saturday we ride through Toronto from East End to West, with a stop in at our local Fred Perry shop. From there we make our way up to the Rockers gathering point. We join them for a group ride to add a bit of style to this greasy lot, then Saturday night we have our do. Sunday morning the Barking Mad SC rides home hung over, wondering if that loud exhaust was such a good idea after all.