About TVSC

Welcome Welcome Bienvenue Bienvenido 欢迎 Bem vinda Benvenuto

We are a Club of enthusiasts  in the Greater Toronto Area dedicated to maintaining and riding vintage motor scooters, and encouraging others to join in the fun.  As of summer 2021 we are at 386 members.  We used to organize rides and rallies, but this has been suspended due to requirements for insurance and waivers. Possibly in the future we will revisit this.  Our Club membership reflects our City and all are welcome, as long as you are crazy enough to want to ride a 30 – 60 year old Italian shopping trolley in Toronto’s traffic.


There has been a scooter scene in Toronto for a long time, with multiple clubs that have come and gone with time.  These past years have been a dry spell with shops closing, no garage willing to work on vintage scooters, and no downtown club focused on these old machines.  I ride my scooter often and everywhere, and I saw  other scooters parked around the city but there was nothing to bring them together. So in 2016 I started the latest incarnation of the TVSC, and in 2 years we were over 150 members, in 5 years over 300. We also co-ordinate  and share members with the other scooter clubs in the area like Barking Mad Scooter Club located east of Toronto and Hammer Down in Hamilton.


The members of the club range in ages and professions, but we share one common passion. For the most part, people in the club gravitated towards old scooters because of subcultures (punks, ska, mods). cultural heritage (Italian, Spanish, English), style/design (graphic artists, architects, clothing designers, musicians, collectors, wine merchants),  gear heads (mechanics, machinists, and welders) or some mixture of the above. It makes for a pretty interesting and diverse group.

And probably our most famous and photographed member is #sidecarMolly


The club is not heavy on rules or overhead. Its very informal and there are no fees or dues. You must have at least 1 vintage scooter. Generally speaking that means a 2 stroke engine and manual gears, which tends to be  a Lambretta or Vespa (P series or earlier).  Stella’s are okay, as they at least look the part. There are manufacturers and models that would be okay, and the club president judges on a case by case basis.

As the club is made up of all kinds of people, not everyone is going to think the same, have the same politics, dress the same, like the same music,  bat for the same team,  etc.  Club members don’t have to like each other, but they do have to treat each other  with respect.  Don’t join if you can’t manage this, it’s a private club and you will be booted out in a second if you violate this.

You can join via our Club FaceBook page .  At some point we will move off  Facebook onto a private forum.  The Club is a good source for information and support. What it is not, is a place to get free labour. There are garages now that will service vintage scooters so pay for a licensed mechanic and be safe.


If you don’t have a vintage scooter yet but want to, there is a page on this site that explains the basics you should be aware of, and there is a lot of information available on the Internet. Do your research.  Don’t bother asking to join until you own a scooter (we get too many requests and the club would soon be full of non-riders).

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