My 1965 Lambretta TV175


Acquired in the autumn of 2019. I am the third owner and it has 5,800 original miles. It came from Alberta.  Over this winter I did a mechanical restoration on it, but left the cosmetics alone.  Work undertaken:

  • No longer had the original barrel and crank, so I replaced the crank with a brand new Tameni Li crank
  • The cylinder I replaced with an aluminum 175 cylinder and conversion piston from Scooter Restorations in the UK
  • BGM stator
  • AF Rayspeed mid weight flywheel
  • BGM chain guide
  • all new o-rings and seals throughout
  • The original bearings are high quality and still in great shape so I just thoroughly cleaned and resused
  • BGM silent blocks
  • I did not have a rebuild kit on hand for the carb so I replaced it entirely with the same sized SH20 carb from my Jet200, which only had 400 miles of use
  • New fork buffers
  • Replaced cable inners and outers where required
  • The headset had been snapped from a drop, replaced the bottom with a matching one from a Servetta
  • One of the case studs had snapped off. It had to be cut out so I the case professionally repaired
  • Kick stand frame stiffeners added
  • New ignition, light, and brake switches
  • I got rid of the restrictive air filter and replaced with a new rubber elbow and quality foam filter
  • It had 2 saddle seats which I hated so replaced with the correct Giuliari seat frame, however, the seat cover is a cheap replacement (until I can source better).
  • New regulator
  • Its now a 12V AC scooter with electronic ignition. It originally had a battery. I simplified the wiring  but left the old connectors there (covered) so it could be take back to a battery bike

I am still dialing in the jetting but it starts and drives well.




Here is a video of it running, you can hear the lovely sound of the stock exhaust and here it cleanly shift through the 4 gears. It tracks straight and the brakes work fine. Blue TV in my backlane

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